Top Quality Charcoal Briquette Wholesale Suppliers

Charcoal is one of the most popular supplies which most countries need, especially Western countries. Charcoal has been beneficial to do many things such as industrial fuel, cooking fuel, and lately, it is used for health and beauty purposes.

Due to the high demand in international markets, lots of countries try to be the best charcoal briquette wholesale suppliers. Most of those countries come from tropical areas since they have lots of woods as the prior material to make charcoal. These suppliers do their best to produce high-quality charcoal to complete the international charcoal standard.

Top List Countries as Charcoal Briquette Suppliers

Charcoal has been an important natural resource throughout history that is used for many purposes such as medicine, chemistry, art, and industrial, of course. Most common commercially charcoal is made from wood. It is heated with a low oxygen environment for several days to reduce the water substance.

Among continents, Asian countries have been the highest charcoal briquette wholesale suppliers, more than 53% shipments of the global total. That is a huge amount of money! The second place is followed by European countries. Africa, North America, and Australia are following behind. Here are some countries with high export charcoal briquette.

  1. Indonesia

Spread over more than 18 thousand islands, Indonesia is well known as the world’s third-largest area of rainforest, after the Amazon rainforest and Africa’s Congo Basin. No wonder if you could find lots of charcoal companies since the resources are easily found. Indonesian charcoal companies have produced high-quality charcoal to export all around the world.

With the good quality of wood, which is the main material of charcoal, Indonesian charcoal has been used for many purposes. It is not only used for fuel but also other various purposes such as beauty and health products most likely. The charcoal company will provide customers with the best competitive price and high-quality charcoal. So far, Indonesia has been completed more than 18% of total charcoal global exports and makes it the highest charcoal briquette wholesale suppliers.

  1. China

China is right behind Indonesia at producing good quality charcoal. It is stated that China has been completed around 13% of total charcoal global export. This country has a large area of forest which is the main resource to produce charcoal. China has also applied advanced technology to produce the best charcoal. They usually provide several kinds of charcoal that could be adjusted with customers’ needs.

  1. Brazil

Brazil has been producing around 11% of the world’s wood charcoal and becomes the largest country in America that could produce charcoal that much. They provide other American countries to fulfill their need for charcoal. Along with that, they also focus on exporting their product to Europe and Australia. But their product is mostly used for the production of iron pig which is one of the country’s primary exports.

  1. Poland

Poland could complete more than 6% production of total charcoal global exports. Poland is mainly exporting their charcoal products around European countries. But it is still possible for them to provide more countries outside European countries.

  1. India

India becomes one of the great agricultural countries because its people depend on agriculture for a living. One of the most profitable agriculture is charcoal production. India is well known as one of the biggest charcoal briquette wholesales suppliers. It is more than profitable because it is also environmentally friendly.

India holds 4% production of total charcoal global export so far. This country has been producing charcoal for years and their products are spreading all around the world nowadays. The product is mostly used in households, industry, agriculture, and other fields, of course. This product is also increasing their economy.

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