Haven’t Heard About Sawdust Briquettes? Here Are Info You Should Know

If you haven’t heard about sawdust briquettes, you should read this article and get to know it more. You never know you are going to need it someday.

What Are Wood Sawdust Briquettes?

Sawdust briquettes are sawdust that is bricked or pressed down with a machine, usually more known and looked for in the export market. Because of its excellence, for example, it’s denser, that way the burn is longer and saves transport costs. Its hexagonal or octagonal shape is easier to use and pack.

Wood sawdust briquettes are more common in the Middle East, either for shisha or to grill meat meals.

Since the sawdust material nowadays is more finite, we need to fulfill the demand by using other waste from the forest or wood processing industry. The large wood waste needs to be trimmed into a small size like sawdust to be able to be processed into sawdust charcoal briquettes.

Sawdust briquettes machine

We need a machine to stamp the crank that connects the rod to work. The pressure that’s needed is at least 700 tons, and also able to adapt several varieties of raw materials with excellent effect. These are not the traditional single-mold ram-type briquettes machine, but the two cams machine.  Therefore able to save energy up to 50%, and produce a higher output. Don’t forget to ensure stable operation, we must lubricate it with an oil pump and then cool it with cooling water.

Paper and sawdust briquettes

In case you wonder, can we make paper from sawdust briquettes? Then the answer we can. The result is that paper and sawdust briquettes will be formed. Wonder how? Here are 10 steps to do that.

  1. Fill up a bucket with sawdust, after that pour down water above it.
  2. Let the sawdust soak for an hour, or until it starts to form a slurry.
  3. Put the sawdust into a brick press.
  4. Follow the press machine instruction to press.
  5. Though every press is different, we will have to either tamp the press down tight by ourselves or push it down on a lever.
  6. Pull out the compressed brick.
  7. Leave it in the daylight until it dries.
  8. This process can last for several days.
  9. Check it in case it rains.
  10. Place the brick under an awning if it starts to rain.

Sum Up Sawdust Briquettes

Now, to sum up, wood sawdust briquettes are used mainly in the Middle East, either for shisha or for grilled various meats. We also know coconut charcoal briquette Indonesia, which is starting to be used in Indonesia and other countries too.

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