Get to Know Coconut Charcoal Briquettes and Its Uses

Coconut is a tropical tree that has a thousand benefits for nature and also human beings. All of the parts of the coconut plant, from the root until the top of the tree, are beneficial. Unfortunately, there are some parts of coconut that are wasted at the end. Most of those parts are coconut shell, coconut coir dust, and coconut husks.

Whereas, those parts are still beneficial to make something, especially the coconut shell. But luckily, the coconut shell is used to make good quality coconut charcoal briquette. Coconut charcoal briquette Indonesia is one of the best briquettes all around the world. Do you know exactly what coconut charcoal briquette is?

Finding Out What Coconut Charcoal Briquette Is

Instead of wasting something beneficial from precious coconut, many companies utilize coconut waste, such as the shell, the husks, and the coir dust to be something useful and precious. They produce coconut charcoal briquette that can be used in many ways. Besides, this briquette also has lots of benefits for health.

Coconut charcoal briquette itself is produced by burning the coconut shells with limited oxygen supply and it will be carbonized. After it is heated, the weight will be reduced up to 70%. The best quality coconut charcoal briquette is made by good mature coconut and fully dried coconut. And that is what coconut charcoal briquette Indonesia has.

Common Uses of Coconut Charcoal Briquette

As mentioned before that the coconut charcoal is very beneficial. It is used for many aspects. Here are some common uses of coconut charcoal briquette.

  1. Industrial fuel

The first use of coconut charcoal briquette is for industrial fuel. The charcoal is still widely used by goldsmiths and blacksmiths because the charcoal is very efficient with no unpleasant smell. This charcoal is even used for smelting iron in the simplest machine, bloomeries, and turned to blast furnaces, then ended with finery forges.

  1. Cooking fuel

Besides industrial fuel, the coconut charcoal briquette Indonesia is also used for cooking fuel. This could be the best fuel because of its pleasant smell from the coconut shell. Coconut charcoal also brings a positive effect to improve people’s health by burning raw biomass while cooking. Furthermore, this charcoal is also environmentally friendly and it will produce a clean burn. This fuel is also the best for barbeque and grilling so that the food would smell and taste better.

  1. Filtration and purification

The coconut charcoal briquette might be activated to gain its effectiveness as a filter. The activated charcoal can absorb organic compounds suspended in the air. This ability to absorb molecular species in the air is very beneficial for people’s health for sure. By using the activated coconut charcoal briquette, we could get fresh and more healthy air.

  1. Health and beauty products

The coconut charcoal briquette is not only beneficial to make our works done easier and faster. This charcoal has a big role in many health and beauty products. For instance, there are lots of toothpaste brands that use coconut charcoal to be their main ingredients for their products. The function of coconut charcoal is to whiten the teeth. This method is already proven that coconut charcoal can whiten teeth quickly.

On another hand, coconut charcoal is also widely used in beauty products such as a mask. The facial mask becomes the most popular skincare that everyone needs nowadays. It can detox the skin so that the skin will be fresher. It also helps the skin to get rid of impurities so that the skin would be healthier. The coconut charcoal briquette Indonesia is one of the best coconut charcoals to produce lots of facial masks.

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